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Practice Areas

Trusts: Let our skilled estate planning lawyers guide you in establishing a customized trust to secure your estate’s financial future and provide peace of mind.

Wills: Our estate planning law firm is here to draft and review your will, ensuring your legacy is protected, and your assets are transferred smoothly.

Estate Administration: Allow us to efficiently handle your estate affairs while providing support and guidance to you and your family during this difficult time.

Guardianships: Together, we can help you get guardianship for minors or incapacitated adults, overseeing their care and financial matters. Schedule a consultation now!

Probate: Navigating probate can be challenging; let our team assist you in validating wills, settling debts, and distributing assets in accordance with your fiduciary duty.

Medicaid Planning: We offer strategic advice on Medicaid benefits, preserving assets, and reducing long-term care costs while ensuring quality healthcare coverage. Let’s plan your future together.

Special Needs Trusts: Allow us to design a tailored trust for your disabled loved one, securing their financial future without jeopardizing government benefits. Reach out for a consultation today.

Power of Attorney: We’ll draft and review power of attorney estate planning documents, empowering trusted agents to make crucial decisions on your behalf. Contact us to discuss your needs!

Public Benefit Preservation: Public benefit preservation is an important part of the legal process for those who rely on public benefits to maintain a quality of life.

Elder Law: Protecting seniors’ rights is our priority. Let’s address your unique legal needs, including long-term care planning, asset protection, and healthcare decision-making today.