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Guardianship can be a difficult situation for families to navigate. Guardianship serves the very important purpose of legally granting authority to an individual who can then make decisions on behalf of another person. Those who may need guardianships include minors, disabled adults, and elderly individuals.

When an individual is no longer able to make decisions on their own due to age or disability, they must rely on a legal guardian to act in their best interests. It can be an emotionally challenging time for the family involved as there is often a sense of guilt or sorrow associated with this process. It’s important that those seeking guardianship have access to experienced attorneys who can guide them through the complexities of filing correctly and navigating both state and federal laws efficiently.

At the Law Offices of Vlad Portnoy P.C., our Manhattan team of guardianship attorneys understands and empathizes with these emotions. We work closely with clients every step of the way to ensure they receive quality advice and reliable assistance throughout the guardianship process. Our goal is to offer caring and compassionate guidance as we assist families in obtaining the necessary guardianships for their loved ones while respecting their wishes at all times. Contact us today at 516-518-8586 to set up your initial consultation.

What is a Guardianship?

A guardianship is a legal arrangement where an individual or entity is appointed by the court to manage the physical and/or financial affairs of someone else, often due to age, disability, or illness. This person or entity is known as the guardian.

The guardian acts on behalf of the person who needs care to make decisions about their health care, finances, and other important matters. The scope of the guardian’s authority depends on what kind of guardianship has been established by the court.

For example, a full guardianship gives the guardian broad power over all aspects of a ward’s life, while in limited guardianships, a guardian may only be responsible for certain areas, such as medical decision-making.

When establishing a guardianship arrangement, it is important to work with our experienced guardianship attorneys, who can help navigate legal complexities and ensure that all parties involved are properly protected. We can also advise on appropriate limitations on a guardian’s powers to ensure that wards maintain as much autonomy as possible.

In addition, we can help create clear communications between family members and court-appointed professionals such as social workers or medical personnel who are charged with evaluating and recommending to the court whether guardianship should be established. Our attorneys will also provide support throughout any changes or modifications that need to be made down the line to ensure that everyone’s interests remain protected.

What’s the Difference Between a Guardianship and a Conservatorship?

A guardianship is when someone has been appointed to make decisions for a minor or adult who is not mentally capable of making their own decisions. The guardian may be responsible for all aspects of care, including medical and healthcare, educational, living arrangements, and other personal needs.

A conservatorship is similar to guardianship but only applies in cases where the individual is unable to manage their finances or make important financial decisions. It’s especially common in elder law situations where an elderly person no longer has the physical or mental capacity to handle their own finances responsibly.

In both cases, legal representation from one of our experienced attorneys can help ensure that the best interests of the person being cared for are always being met. With experienced counsel and sound advice from trusted professionals at the Law Offices of Vlad Portnoy P.C., families can trust they are taking all necessary steps toward providing the most secure life possible for those under guardianships or conservatorships.

What Goes Into the Guardianship Process?

When it comes to guardianship, an attorney is integral to ensuring the process goes smoothly. A guardian is responsible for making decisions regarding medical care, education, housing, nutrition and more. It’s important that all parties involved in the guardianship process understand their rights and responsibilities throughout the process. We will work with you and any other necessary parties, such as family members, to ensure everything is done according to legal standards.

The guardianship process begins with filing an application with the court of jurisdiction. The court will then make a determination based on the relevant facts and evidence presented. An attorney experienced in guardianship laws is usually consulted throughout the process to ensure all legal requirements are met.

The guardian must demonstrate they can properly manage the ward’s financial affairs as well as handle any medical decisions relying on their best interest. Guardians have fiduciary responsibilities which need to be taken seriously. Additionally, they must provide detailed reports of all funds spent on behalf of the ward at least annually so that it can be cleared by court personnel if needed.

Our guardianship attorneys help families navigate a complex legal system when it comes to caring for those unable to do so themselves. It’s crucial that those considering setting up a guardianship understand what is involved before taking any steps forward, as there are numerous rules and regulations which need to be followed carefully in order for everything to go smoothly. From filing petitions for guardianships to representing clients in court hearings, having a qualified attorney at your side can make sure the best interests of those involved are taken into account during every phase of the process.

Working with our knowledgeable attorneys that are well-versed in guardianship law can help make sense of it all and ensure that every step of the way goes off without a hitch.

How Can a Guardianship Lawyer Help Me?

At the Law Offices of Vlad Portnoy P.C., our experienced attorneys are dedicated to providing knowledgeable advice and representation for those seeking guardianship. Whether it is temporary or permanent guardianship, our attorneys will work to ensure that your rights as a guardian are protected and respected. We understand that guardianship matters involve difficult decisions and emotions, and our lawyers are here to listen and advise clients in a compassionate manner.

We also have experience in helping families with special needs children who require guardianships due to physical, mental, or developmental disability or other medical conditions. Our attorneys are familiar with relevant state laws pertaining to guardianships, as well as the legal proceedings involved in obtaining and managing one. We understand that every family’s situation is unique, so we strive to tailor our services accordingly. From helping you appoint a guardian, estate planning, discussing government benefits available, and helping protect an incapacitated person, we are here to walk you through all of the guardianship proceedings. At the Law Offices of Vlad Portnoy P.C., we take pride in providing trusted advice and counsel for those seeking guardianships for themselves or their loved ones. Contact us today at 516-518-8586 to schedule your initial consultation.