Estate Planning

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Do you want to protect and plan for your assets while maintaining as much control and access by you and your loved ones in New York? We can help.

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To protect your assets, you need the right New York City and Brooklyn estate planning legal help, which can include:

  • Taking the first step towards protecting your hard-earned assets by calling us today to start your New York estate planning.
  • Choosing the best legal structure for your unique situation – whether it is just a will, or you need to incorporate an irrevocable or revocable trust into your estate plan.
  • Keeping as much control as possible – legally appointing a trusted agent to control your assets on your behalf.
  • Protecting yourself from creditors and other potential claims against your New York estate (estranged relatives or unscrupulous third parties).
  • Creating appropriate unique legal structures to be prepared for possible retirement, disability, need for a guardianship or qualify for government assistance and public benefits.

It can take a lifetime to build wealth. You deserve to do what you want with it and have it passed only to your intended beneficiaries.

New York Estate Planning with a Russian Speaking Brooklyn, NY and New York City Lawyers

New York estate planning is for everyone. An estate plan addresses what happens to your family, your property, and your remains upon your death. Also, everyone needs to have a plan to make healthcare and financial decisions if they’re incapacitated. The Russian community as well as any and every family have unique needs for their New York estate plan. The Law Offices of Vlad Portnoy, P.C. – experienced Russian speaking estate planning attorneys – can help you and your loved one navigate estate and Medicaid planning in New York.

Having a proper estate plan in place ensures your wishes are carried out, provides optimal tax allocation, and makes things easy for your family during their most difficult time.

It is challenging to carry out a person’s wishes without an estate plan while dealing with a lengthy, drawn-out, and expensive Surrogate’s Court proceeding in New York. If a New York estate plan is in place, it can provide peace of mind for you and your family and protect your wishes.

Your Russian Speaking Estate Planning Attorneys in Manhattan, NY and Brooklyn, NY

Vlad Portnoy can navigate you or a loved one on the path of asset protection with a unique estate plan. Our Russian speaking attorneys in New York and New Jersey bring compassion and personal care to the legal matters for the Russian community. Our Manhattan and Brooklyn law firm has a foundation of strong client relationships, and we work hard to meet your estate planning goals.

Our law firm has been helping New Yorkers, residents of Northern New Jersey like you, and the Russian community, navigate the complicated world of New York and New Jersey estate planning for quite a while. From the most straightforward wills to the most complicated trusts, we have seen it all and will be able to use that experience to tailor the perfect legal structure for your situation to guard your wishes with an estate plan.

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