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Do You Want to Protect and Plan for Your Assets While Maintaining as Much Control and Access by You and Your Loved Ones in New York? We Can Help.

estate planning
You Work Hard for Your Assets. With the Right New York Estate Planning Legal Help, You Can:

  • Take the first step to protecting your hard-earned assets by calling us today to start your New York estate planning.
  • Choose the Best Legal Structure for Your Unique Situation – Whether It Is a Will, Irrevocable, or Revocable Trust.
  • Keep as Much Control as Possible – Or Legally Appoint A Trusted Agent to Control on Your Behalf.
  • Protect Yourself from Creditors and Other Potential Claims Against Your Estate (estranged relatives or Unscrupulous Third parties).
  • Create Appropriate Special Legal Structures to Be Prepared for Possible Retirement, Disability, Need for Guardianship, or Qualify For Government Assistance.

It can take a lifetime to build wealth. You deserve to do precisely what you want with it and have it passed only to your intended beneficiaries.

New York estate planning may sound like the domain of the very wealthy, however, in the eyes of the law, an estate is simply the aggregate of property an individual owns, and most everyone owns something. Property ownership includes individual and jointly owned bank accounts, stocks and bonds, retirement accounts, real estate, jewelry, vehicles, your online digital footprint, and even pets. Short of being utterly destitute, you have an estate, and planning for it helps protect yourself, your family, and your loved ones in New York and New Jersey.

The decision to create the proper legal estate plan structure to manage your wealth can make a difference for you and your loved ones’ future inheritance. It can be the difference between resting assured that you and your family will be provided for, and being at the mercy of creditors and government defaults, and taking chances on falling victim to other not yet foreseeable but highly undesirable situations.

We have been helping New Yorkers, and residents of Northern New Jersey like you navigate the complicated world of estate planning for quite a while. From the most straightforward wills to the most complicated trusts, we have seen it all and will be able to use that experience to tailor the perfect legal structure for your situation to guard your wishes with an estate plan.

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