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Write a Letter of Intent (LOI) for your New York Estate Plan

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This letter is an informal document that should be part of any parents’ New York estate plan who have children with special needs. It is a detailed account of your child’s medical, educational, social, and behavioral requirements.

What does a New York Letter of Intent Address in Your Estate Plan?

A letter of intent gives future caregivers or guardians an inside look at the person with special needs that they can only get from the parent who knows their child better than anyone.  This document has no legal authority, but this set of instructions will greatly benefit any person taking over the care of your child. A letter of intent gets to the heart of caring for an adult with special needs. It should include an overview of the disability and the medical history and address ongoing medical needs.

Often adults with special needs value routine and struggle with change. It is important to include daily schedules and routines that are important and things like what foods they do and do not like. Parents may wish to include their wishes for their child’s future. Parents should outline the benefits received by the person with special needs in the letter of intent. Including the plan for future living arrangements and plans for future care are essential pieces of information to include. A New York special needs planning attorney can help you draft an appropriate letter as part of your estate plan.

Your Russian Speaking Special Needs Planning Attorney in Brooklyn, NY, and New York City

The Law Offices of Vlad Portnoy P.C. has many years of experience with New York Special Needs Laws. Whether you need to set up a special needs trust, appoint a trusted guardian, or get the most out of government aid programs, our New York special needs planning lawyers can help you, your loved one and the Russian community make the right choices for your loved one’s well-being.

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