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Public Benefit from Personal Injury Settlement

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Are you confused about how a recent New York personal injury or wrongful death settlement could affect you and your family? We can help.

Make the most out of your settlement with the proper legal structure and more. We can help:

  • Choose the best New York Elder law legal structure for your unique situation to provide proper advocacy before government benefit providers.
  • Derive maximum benefit from your personal injury settlement while preserving as much of your government benefits (Medicaid, SSI) as legally permitted.
  • Keep as much control as possible – or legally appoint a trusted agent in New York to control your assets to avoid jeopardizing your benefit entitlements.
  • Protect you from creditors and other potential claims to your New York estate (such as estranged relatives or unscrupulous third parties).
  • Create appropriate special legal structures to prepare for retirement, disability, need for guardianship or qualify for government assistance in New York.

At the Law Offices of Vlad Portnoy, P.C. we take pride in our customer relationships and attention to detail when helping you navigate the complex world of New York estate planning and asset protection for personal injury settlements.

Understanding Legal Strategies to Protect Public Benefits in New York

The decision to create the proper legal structure to preserve your public benefits while retaining maximum settlement proceeds allowable under the law is vital for a personal injury case in New York. This legal strategy can make the difference between assuring you and your family will be provided for and being at the mercy of outside factors. Some strategies include protecting your settlement proceeds from potential creditors to maintaining benefits like New York Medicaid and SSI. Also, we can provide guardianship for anyone personally affected by an accident.

In some personal injury cases, there are often many issues to consider when designing a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to your situation. No two matters are ever alike because every case has specific and often unique facts.  You need an experienced New York elder law attorney to assess the facts of your personal injury matter and provide you with real solutions in New York.

Your Russian Speaking New York Elder Law Attorney

Getting the right New York elder law attorney for your personal injury settlement can make all the difference. Please don’t wait until it’s too late. Call the Law Offices of Vlad Portnoy, P.C., today. Our New York Estate Planning and Elder Law firm will be there every step of the way to educate and explain the various legal choices that will be made and will constantly keep you up to date. Our team is also here to serve the New York Russian community with our Russian speaking attorneys ready to help you. We are available by phone, email, and facsimile and strive to return all calls within 24 hours.

Enduring personal injury and wrongful death legal actions in New York can often lead to a sizeable monetary settlement amount, usually a painful and cumbersome process. Unfortunately, monetary settlements may often introduce a new and complex set of problems in New York State. Specifically, someone receiving public assistance, like Medicaid and SSI, may risk losing those benefits upon the conclusion of the Personal Injury or Wrongful Death matter.

Our New York personal injury attorneys have been helping New Yorkers like you navigate the complicated world of estate planning for personal injury settlements for quite a while.

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