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Understand the Risks of Medicaid and Gift Giving

Many seniors enjoy being generous to their children by gifting them monetarily. In certain circumstances, however, there is a real concern that people who may be in need of long-term nursing care in the near future should not give gifts.…

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Guard Your Wishes with an Estate Plan

The importance of making end of life preparations cannot be stressed enough. Many people put off making these plans thinking there is always time. The sad reality is that none of us are guaranteed time. Others may be bothered by…

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Virtual Care in Senior Living and Aging

For care providers and aging seniors in the information age, the future is now. While still with some challenges, adoption of virtual care as a standard in senior living and aging services has become a fully integrated and accepted practice…

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Happy Love Your Lawyer Day!

Happy Love Your Lawyer Day! Wishing all my esteemed attorney colleagues a great holiday! May you always have clients who value your services. @NYWillsEstates #NewYorkEstateAttorney #NYWillsEstates #NYWillsandEstates #NYNJWills #NYNJEstates #YourLegacyPreserved #NYGuardianshipAttorney #RussianAttorney

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When someone close to you passes away it can be the beginning of a long and arduous road to settling of their estate. An estate is everything a decedent owned during their lifetime. A settling of an estate through a…

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