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Do You Understand Probate and How to Avoid It?

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Many people believe that it is crucial to “avoid probate.” But just because you may have heard the term “probate” doesn’t mean you understand what probate entails, why it can be a problem, or how to avoid it successfully.

Today, probate court covers the entire legal process necessary to settle a person’s estate after they die. The appointed representative opens the probate case in court. With the court’s help, they will work through all the financial business that the decedent left behind.

In this FREE E-book: “Understanding the Probate Process and How to Avoid It”, the Law Office of Vlad Portnoy will:

  • Outline the probate court process
  • Outline the negative perspective of probate
  • Outline an example of the probate process with a will
  • Outline how to prevent the need for probate
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