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Do You Know the Right Time to Claim Social Security?

In the United States, Social Security acts as a support system for the elderly. It serves to supplement retirement income, therefore the best time to claim Social Security is when you reach retirement age. While in the workforce, you contribute…

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Is Your Child’s Inheritance Safe?

To prevent assets from disappearing or being claimed by creditors, estate planning should include protective measures for your children and grandchildren's future inheritances. A simple way to achieve inheritance protection is through a trust. A trust can pass your wealth bypassing…

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Elder Law Attorneys Benefit Seniors and Their Families

An elder law attorney specializes as a legal advocate for aging adults and their loved ones. Elder law encompasses a wide range of legal matters affecting an older or disabled person. Issues related to guardianship, retirement, health care, including advance…

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Portrait of a beautiful senior woman laughing outdoor. Mature woman with grey hair enjoying and smiling. Cheerful older woman relaxing in outdoor garden.

6 Things You Should Consider Before Retirement

Regardless if you have been planning your retirement for decades or days, there are several factors you may want to consider with a goal of avoiding unexpected problems. The transition to your next phase of life, whether full- or semi-retirement,…

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How to Talk to Your Aging Parents About Estate Planning

It is essential that as your parents age, you have conversations with them about their finances. To broach the topic, you might bring up current events like the coronavirus pandemic, its’ effect on economic conditions, and how it relates to…

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