Planning for Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security Benefits in New York

What is New York Medicaid Coverage?

Medicaid is a Federal and State program, and the rules vary from State to State. If you reside in New York and need Medicaid, then New York’s Medicaid rules apply. You can benefit greatly from an expert Brooklyn and New York City Medicaid planning attorney who understands New York’s specific Medicaid qualification, application, and process for approval.

Unlike other government programs, like Social Security, Medicare, or Social Security Disability, Medicaid in New York is not an “entitlement program .” Those other Federal programs require the law to give payments to any individual that meets the program’s eligibility requirements. For example, when you or a loved one reach retirement age, you are “entitled” to receive your monthly Social Security payment regardless of your wealth or income in New York.

On the other hand, the New York Medicaid process is a State-operated program for individuals who ’can’t afford long-term care costs. Compared to Social Security, you or a loved one do not pay into a Medicaid program and therefore are not “entitled” to receive payment. Therefore, to receive Medicaid, applicants must meet distinct asset and income requirements to be eligible for Medicaid in New York.

What is New York Medicare Coverage?

Medicare in New York will pay for medically necessary minimal care services and some long-term care services that meet specific criteria.  Medicare does not cover most long-term care non-medical services, such as the nursing home expenses or the home services for custodial-type care. There are four specific types of long-term care services, listed below that Medicare will pay for, though specific conditions apply for most services to be covered:

  • Up to 100 days of skilled nursing care per benefit period
  • Treatment for medical conditions
  • Preventative care for further decline due to medical conditions
  • Hospice care

Medicare has its limitations and may or may not be the best option for your health care needs. Our Elder law firm can help you or your loved ones understand Medicare coverage or other options available to you for paying for long-term care in New York.

What is New York Social Security Coverage?

New York Social Security benefits provide income for individuals who need assistance with their health care costs. New York senior citizens can face specific issues when applying for Social Security benefits once they’ve reached retirement age. Seeking the legal advice of a New York Elder Law attorney can guide you through Social Security account challenges you or your loved one may face.

Our experienced Brooklyn and Manhattan Elder Law attorneys can assist with Medicaid planning, accounting for your Medicare benefits, and Social Security income while protecting your assets and retirement benefits. Without coverage, you will be personally responsible for the monthly cost of your eldercare.

Your Russian Speaking Elder Law Attorney in Brooklyn, NY

Our Brooklyn Elder Law attorneys understand the complex issues of long-term care in New York and can use our experience in Elder Law to help you or a loved one plan for long-term care without depleting your income and assets in your golden years. Our Manhattan and Brooklyn law firm understands this can be a complicated process to navigate alone. We are here to help resolve any legal issues that may arise when dealing with Elder Law for you, your elder loved one, and our Russian senior community.

The Law Offices of Vlad Portnoy P.C. has substantial experience with issues related to Elder Law in New York. Whether you need to set up wills or trusts, appoint a trusted guardian, administer an estate or probate a Will, or get the most out of government aid programs, our Russian speaking attorneys can help you make the right choices for your elder’s well-being.