Elder Law


Get the New York Elder Law legal help to provide you or a loved one with security, comfort, and care to enjoy your golden years without worry.

elder law

Rest assured you can arrange that someone will always look after you or your elder loved one. Our New York Elder Law firm can help:

  • Navigate the complex world of New York Medicaid planning to ensure your loved one receives benefits even if they have assets that need to be protected.
  • Create a comprehensive plan to ensure your loved one’s personal care expenses and create the legal structure to ensure your New York plan achieves success.
  • Appoint a caring and responsible guardian if you or your loved one cannot care for themselves, even if they never executed proper documents when they had the opportunity.
  • Ensure the implementation of your last wishes and that your assets maintain protection for the desired beneficiaries in New York with estate planning.

The Importance of Elder Law for New York Seniors

After a life of hard work, everyone deserves to feel at ease in their golden years of life. Unfortunately, more and more elders experience stress due to financial, medical, or government aid-related challenges.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Our New York Elder Law attorneys can provide proper Elder Law legal assistance for you or your loved ones.

Our New York Elder Law attorneys help create a legal plan to protect your assets and ensure your wishes are met in your golden years of life. Today, our aging population faces several challenges, including the high cost of long-term care. A New York Elder Law lawyer can help you or a loved one finance care with the lowest impact on your assets—for example, protecting your home. As you or a loved one age the need for care shifts and preparing for elder care in New York can be overwhelming. If you start planning sooner, you or a loved one will have more options for future care needs.

Your Russian Speaking Elder Law Attorney in Brooklyn, NY and New York, NY

Our New York Elder Law attorneys understand the complex issues of long-term care in New York and can use our experience in Elder Law to help you or a loved one plan for long-term care without depleting your income and assets in your golden years. Our New York law firm understands this can be a complicated process to navigate alone. We are here to help resolve any legal issues that may arise when dealing with Elder Law for you, your elder loved one, and our Russian senior community.

The Law Offices of Vlad Portnoy P.C. has substantial experience with issues related to Elder Law in New York. Whether you need to set up wills or trusts, appoint a trusted guardian, estate administration, or get the most out of government aid programs, our Russian speaking attorneys can help you make the right choices for your elder’s well-being.